Pete Degnan’s Spotlight On Leicester Life

Pete Degnan’s Spotlight On Leicester Life

Pete Degnan first broadcast on community radio back in 2018, and soon established himself as a friend towards many different City, District and County politicians – and maybe even some Members of Parliament. Pete has a wealth of political knowledge, along with a varied life journey, which has enabled Pete to ask the right question at the right time, and still be fair to everyone, by not having any bias towards any single political camp.

Pete started the Spotlight Show because he wanted to give local charities the opportunity to promote their many good causes and projects that often go underreported. The Spotlight Show has become a valued tool across Leicester, by helping charities extended their audience.

Pete can often be heard on his Spotlight Show saying, “if this show can help just one person, then it is worth it”.

You can hear Pete Monday from 1pm, where Pete will showcase the diversity that Leicester is renowned for, and the community spirit that is talked about across the county of Leicestershire. Pete said, “I enjoy talking with people from all communities, some from the city, some from the towns, and some from our nearby rural communities that surround the great city of Leicester.”

For Pete, the creation of Soar Sound is a dream come true, where a supportive and inclusive approach to providing a service to listeners is the priority. Pete said that “a good team atmosphere, along with a willingness to help each other, will make all the difference.”

Pete explained that he feels “Soar Sound is the latest addition to the thriving community radio scene in Leicester, and it’s the ideal place to be at the heart of the many conversations taking place across and between all our communities.”

Rob Watson

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