How to Make a Complaint: A Guide for Our Listeners

At Soar Sound, we strive to provide content that meets the highest standards of broadcasting excellence. However, we understand that there may be times when our content does not meet your expectations. If you believe a programme has breached broadcasting standards, we encourage you to follow our structured complaints process outlined below.

Step 1: Contacting Soar Sound

Submit Your Complaint: Please send us your complaint via our online form, email, or post. Include as much detail as possible, such as the programme name, date, time, and the nature of your concern.
Acknowledgement: You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days, along with a reference number.

Step 2: Internal Review by Soar Sound

Review Process: Our Compliance Team will review your complaint in relation to the Broadcast Code and our internal policies. This process will be completed within 20 working days of your complaint being acknowledged.
Response: We will inform you of our findings and any actions we have taken or propose to take.

Step 3: Escalating Your Complaint within Soar Sound

Further Review Request: If you are not satisfied with our initial response, you may request a further review within 10 working days. This review will be conducted by a senior team member not involved in the initial response.
Final Outcome: You will be informed of the outcome of the further review within 20 working days.

Step 4: Taking Your Complaint to Ofcom

Escalation: At any point in the process, you have the right to escalate your complaint to Ofcom, especially if you believe the issue pertains to a breach of the Broadcast Code. Complaints to Ofcom can be made through their website or by post.
Note: While we encourage you to first allow us to address your concerns, you are not required to complete our internal process before contacting Ofcom.

Final Steps

Implementation: We will implement any necessary changes or corrective actions identified through our review process or as directed by Ofcom.
Communication: You will be informed about the final resolution and steps we have taken to prevent future issues.

Your feedback is invaluable to us in our mission to continuously improve our content and services. We thank you for taking the time to share your concerns and for helping us maintain the high standards our listeners expect from Soar Sound.

Please remember, we treat all complaints with confidentiality and strive to ensure the process is as accessible and transparent as possible.


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