Volunteering at Soar Sound involves various roles and responsibilities aimed at supporting the station’s operations and community engagement. In addition to presenting programmes and shows, volunteers can participate in event management, volunteer support, social media assistance, website development, and administrative tasks. Each role requires different skills and offers opportunities to develop new ones while contributing to the community.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Event Management and Support: Involves planning, setting up, and executing events, requiring organisational skills and the ability to engage with the community.
  • Volunteer Support: Assisting with the induction and training of new volunteers and serving as a point of contact, ideal for those with good communication skills.
  • Social Media Assistance: Managing social media profiles and creating content to engage with the audience online.
  • Website Development: Ensuring the website is current, functional, and accessible, suitable for individuals with web design skills.
  • Administration and Governance: Handling various administrative tasks, including financial management and business planning, providing insights into the operational aspects of running a community radio station.

New Presenter Pathway

For those interested in becoming presenters, Soar Sound has a structured pathway:

  • Initial Contact: Prospective presenters make initial contact and arrange to attend an induction session.
  • Induction Session: Covers the ethos of Soar Sound, demographics of the area, legal obligations, key commitments, and Ofcom broadcast compliance training.
  • Post-Induction: Further engagement involves understanding the Soar Sound Volunteer Agreement, agreeing on show type and format, and arranging necessary support like equipment access.

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Agreement, which includes personal details, proof of eligibility to work in the UK, any disabilities or learning difficulties, DBS checks, and agreement to follow Soar Sound’s key commitments and the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. This ensures that all volunteers are aligned with the station’s ethos and legal requirements.

Volunteering at Soar Sound supports community media and provides a platform for skill development and community involvement. For more details, leave a message through our volunteering enquiry form.