Alex Samson Sunday Mornings from the Mountaintops

Alex Samson Sunday Mornings from the Mountaintops

Alex Samson’s journey to Soar Sound radio is as unique as the stories he shares on air. Born in an environment that seems as if it was lifted straight from a myth, “on an egg on a mountain top,” Alex’s early life was marked by adventure and a profound connection to the natural and spiritual worlds. Transported down the majestic Rio Grande to a pueblo, he found himself in a setting that would shape his creative and personal identity.

From a young age, Alex was drawn to the rhythms of life around him, rhythms that would later influence his approach to radio broadcasting. His weekly visits to a Benedictine monk added layers of depth and inspiration to his perspective. This spiritual mentorship, set against the backdrop of the serene and historic Iglesia Parroquial de la Inmaculada Concepción in Mijas, played a pivotal role in shaping his world-view.

Alex brings to Soar Sound radio a rich tapestry of experiences and insights, gathered from his remarkable journey from a mountain top to the heart of Leicester and Leicestershire. His radio show is a reflection of this journey, offering listeners a blend of inspiration, entertainment, and a connection to the wider world.

Listeners can expect a show that transcends the ordinary, guided by Alex’s unique life experiences and his ability to find wonder in the everyday. His segments are infused with the wisdom of the Benedictine teachings, the vibrancy of his upbringing, and a keen sense of storytelling that captivates and engages.

Join Alex Samson on Soar Sound on Sunday’s 11am to 1pm for a radio experience that promises to enlighten, entertain, and inspire, as he shares the soundtrack of his life and invites you to explore the diverse rhythms of our world.

Rob Watson

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