Partners & Supporters

Soar Sound is embarking on an exciting journey of collaboration with a diverse range of partners and supporting organisations, along with dedicated individuals, with the unified goal of strengthening the social and civic fabric of Leicester and Leicestershire. Recognising the pivotal role of local media in fostering wellbeing and a harmonious community spirit, Soar Sound commits itself to being an integral part of these networks, addressing and bridging the gaps left by other media entities.

In an era where local communities often find themselves sidelined by mainstream media organisations, Soar Sound stands out as a beacon of inclusivity and local engagement. Our mission extends beyond merely filling the void; we aim to create a vibrant platform that celebrates the rich tapestry of life in our local area, promoting dialogue, understanding, and a shared sense of purpose.

Through strategic partnerships, Soar Sound will amplify voices that are frequently overlooked, ensuring that every segment of our community is heard. Our collaboration with local charities, educational institutions, public bodies, and enthusiastic volunteers underscores our commitment to leveraging the power of radio as a tool for social cohesion and personal growth.

As we forge these vital connections, Soar Sound is not just a radio station; it is a community builder, a promoter of wellbeing, and a steadfast ally in the pursuit of a more inclusive and connected Leicester and Leicestershire. Together, with our partners and the community, we are laying the foundation for a future where media serves as a catalyst for positive change, reflecting the dynamic spirit and collective aspirations of our local area.

Soar Sound Supporters