Spotlight on Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates

Spotlight on Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates

Pete Degnan is pleased to announce that he is featuring interviews with the candidates for the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner role on his Spotlight Show, broadcasted on Soar Sound community radio. This special series provides listeners of Soar Sound with in-depth insights into the visions and strategies of each candidate, enabling the community of Leicestershire to make an informed decision in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Tune into Soar Sound to catch these enlightening discussions, and engage directly with the figures whose policies may shape the future of local policing and community safety.

Listen to Pete’s Interviews with the candidates here:

Aasiya Bora from the Green Party (From 15th April)

Rupert Matthews from the Conservative Party (From 24th April)

Rory Palmer from the Labour Party (From 29th April)

Ian Sharpe from the Liberal Party (Due 1st May)

Fizza Askari from One Leicester (From 22nd April)

The main purpose of the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in 2024 is to elect the PCC who will be responsible for ensuring the policing needs of the community are met as effectively as possible, and for overseeing all police operations in the Leicestershire area. The PCC has the authority to set police and crime objectives, the police budget, and the overall policing strategy. They also have the responsibility to hire and, if necessary, dismiss the chief constable, who directly oversees the police force’s day-to-day operations.

PCCs play a crucial role in the community by engaging with the public to increase police accountability and effectiveness. They also work to ensure that local and national priorities are balanced, aligning local policing in Leicestershire with broader criminal justice strategies. This election is a vital democratic process allowing the residents of Leicestershire to influence how their community is policed and how related services are managed, reflecting local needs and priorities.

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