Soar Sound Policies

Soar Sound is committed to fostering a transparent, inclusive, and accountable environment for all its volunteers, presenters, supporters, and stakeholders. In alignment with these values, it is imperative that Soar Sound articulates and makes readily accessible its policies encompassing the principles and practices that guide both its governance and operational accountability.

This comprehensive documentation will serve as the cornerstone of our community radio station’s ethos, ensuring that every member of our community is fully informed about the frameworks that underpin our decision-making processes, the ethical standards we uphold, and the mechanisms we have in place for accountability and redress. These policies will detail our approach to community engagement, content creation, volunteer participation, and the management of resources, ensuring that our practices not only comply with regulatory standards but also align with our commitment to community development and social responsibility.

Furthermore, by clearly outlining these policies, Soar Sound reaffirms its dedication to an open dialogue and cooperative relationship with its community, reinforcing the foundational principles of transparency, inclusivity, and mutual respect that are essential for the sustained growth and development of our station. This initiative is a testament to Soar Sound’s ongoing commitment to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our valued community members, ensuring that the station remains a vibrant, engaging, and principled pillar of the community it serves.

Renewal dates for each of these policies are indicated in the documents.

Soar Sound Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Soar Sound Broadcasting Compliance

Soar Sound Communication Monitoring

Soar Sound Conflict of Interest Policy

Soar Sound Data Protection Policy

Soar Sound Development Planning

Soar Sound Directors Expenses

Soar Sound Disciplinary Committee

Soar Sound Editorial Standards Policy

Soar Sound Environmental Policy

Soar Sound Equality and Diversity Policy

Soar Sound Financial Controls Policy

Soar Sound Financial Management Statement

Soar Sound Grievance Procedure

Soar Sound Health and Safety Policy

Soar Sound Mission Statement

Soar Sound Music Policy

Soar Sound Presentation Policy

Soar Sound Presenters Code of Conduct

Soar Sound Risk Assessment Policy

Soar Sound Safeguarding Adults Policy

Soar Sound Social Media Policy

Soar Sound Volunteer Agreement

Soar Sound Volunteer Engagement Policy

Soar Sound Volunteer Support

Soar Sound Whistleblowing Policy