Soar Sound Volunteers Reflections

Soar Sound Volunteers Reflections

On 10th March 2024, volunteers for Soar Sound, a new community radio station for Leicester and Leicestershire, convened to share their motivations for joining the initiative. This gathering illuminated the diverse reasons individuals are drawn to contribute to community media, reflecting a broad spectrum of aspirations and perspectives.

David, initially hesitant, later articulated a desire to be part of something new, seeking to contribute his experience and learn in the process. His enthusiasm for local radio underscores a commitment to bringing the community together through shared experiences.

Sandhya expressed a wish to use the platform to address significant topics, such as mental health, highlighting the potential for community radio to serve as a medium for important discussions that impact the community.

Sam, humorously noting his ownership of a fish and chip shop, jestingly suggested that even the finest fish and chips have a place in community radio, perhaps underlining the station’s inclusive nature.

Pete Degnan praised Soar Sound for its new concept and potential for communication, emphasising the importance of variety, music, and professionalism in the station’s offerings.

John Coster articulated a vision for the station as a community pillar that serves both its volunteers and the broader community. He stressed the importance of inclusiveness, representation, and reflecting community values through music and news.

Johnny highlighted his four years of commitment to community radio, believing in its potential as a great addition to the community.

Niko simply stated his belief that the station would be good for the community, capturing the sentiment that involvement in such initiatives is inherently positive.

Clifford humorously admitted to being in the wrong place but acknowledged the rightness of participating in community endeavours.

Ian ‘Sumo’ Green added a light-hearted note, looking forward to the station as an “exciting new attraction” and jokingly offering to bring doughnuts to the mix.

Lastly, Rob shared his view of volunteering as “unfinished business,” appreciating community radio for the opportunity it provides to engage with others who share similar interests. He noted the refreshing nature of the station’s content, which contrasts with his recent experiences with other radio offerings, though he expressed a desire for content more relevant to the UK context.

Mike, representing the collective voice of the volunteers, underscored the gap Soar Sound aims to fill in Leicester’s media landscape. He lamented the networked nature of contemporary broadcasting that has left local content behind, highlighting the community’s need for a locally focused station.

This assembly of volunteers, each with their own unique reasons for joining, demonstrates the multifaceted appeal of community radio. It not only serves as a platform for broadcasting diverse content but also as a means for individual and collective expression, community engagement, and the fostering of local talent and discussions. Soar Sound, through its volunteers’ motivations, encapsulates the essence of community media: to enrich, represent, and unite the community it serves.

Rob Watson

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