In the heart of Leicester, an exciting new chapter in community media is unfolding. Soar Sound, a pioneering Community Interest Company (CIC), is emerging as a vibrant hub for broadcast radio and online media services. Our mission is to enrich the local and wider community through the power of media, offering a platform for education, well-being, and growth. This introductory blog post aims to shed light on what Soar Sound is, its purpose, and the positive engagement it seeks to foster among its listeners.

The Essence of Soar Sound

Soar Sound is not just a radio station; it is a movement towards community-driven media production. Situated in Leicester and dedicated to serving both the local and Leicestershire areas, we are committed to creating a media space that benefits the public through informative, entertaining, and uplifting content. As a CIC, our focus extends beyond traditional broadcasting. We are here to support mental health, economic development, employment support, and education through the diverse range of media production services we offer.

Our Purpose and Mission

The purpose of Soar Sound is multi-faceted, reflecting the complex needs of our community. We aim to:

Educate: Through our programming, we provide valuable information and learning opportunities that cater to the interests and needs of our listeners.

Support Well-being: Understanding the profound impact of media on mental health, we curate content that promotes positivity, resilience, and community support.

Foster Economic Development and Employment: By highlighting local businesses, job opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavours, we play an active role in the economic vitality of our community.

Engage and Entertain: We believe in the power of storytelling, music, and dialogue to bring people together, offering a rich tapestry of programs that reflect the diversity of our audience.

Positive Engagement for Listeners

Soar Sound is committed to creating a meaningful connection with our listeners. Our approach to engagement is built on the principles of inclusivity, interaction, and involvement. Here’s how we plan to bring this to life:

Interactive Programming: Our shows are designed to be interactive, encouraging listeners to share their thoughts, stories, and opinions. This two-way dialogue ensures that our content remains relevant and responsive to the community’s pulse.

Volunteer Participation: By involving volunteers in the creation and delivery of our content, we foster a sense of ownership and community within the station. This also allows us to offer a broad range of perspectives and voices on air.

Community Events and Initiatives: Beyond the airwaves, Soar Sound is deeply involved in community events and initiatives. These activities provide a tangible way for listeners to engage with the station, fostering a strong sense of community.

Educational Workshops and Training: We are dedicated to empowering our community through education. By offering workshops and training sessions, we provide valuable skills and knowledge that listeners can apply in their own lives and careers.

Join Us on This Journey

Soar Sound is more than a radio station; it’s a community. It’s a place where voices are heard, stories are shared, and growth is nurtured. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to tune in, participate, and grow with us. Together, we can make Soar Sound a beacon of community media, shining a light on the issues that matter and bringing people together in meaningful ways.

Stay tuned for updates, programming schedules, and more ways to get involved. Welcome to Soar Sound—your community, your voice, your radio.