The Nico Show on Soar Sound – A Space for Gardening and Wellbeing

The Nico Show on Soar Sound – A Space for Gardening and Wellbeing

Listeners of Soar Sound are invited to tune into The Nico Show, hosted by Nico, every Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00. This programme offers a unique platform for people across Leicester and Leicestershire to come together and share their experiences of gardening and its impact on their wellbeing.

Nico, who is also an avid gardener, values the tranquillity and joy that gardening brings, especially during the summer months. He believes in the positive effects of gardening on mental and physical health, stating, “I like working in the garden when it is summer because it makes me feel better.” It is this sentiment that Nico wishes to explore and expand upon with his listeners.

The Nico Show aims to foster a sense of community among its listeners by encouraging them to share their own gardening stories, tips, and insights into how tending to plants and soil improves their quality of life. The show serves as a platform for discussion, learning, and sharing, appealing to both experienced gardeners and those new to the hobby.

Listeners are encouraged to join Nico on The Nico Show on Soar Sound to contribute to the conversation about gardening and wellbeing. The show promises to be a gathering of like-minded individuals who find solace and satisfaction in gardening, offering them a space to share and grow together.

Tune in to The Nico Show for an hour of gardening talk that aims to enrich the community’s understanding and appreciation of the benefits gardening can bring to one’s life.

Rob Watson

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