Haffster’s Colourblind Blues

Haffster’s Colourblind Blues

Something old, something brand new, something covered, but everything Blues. The Colourblind Blues Show is presented by The Haffster, Leicester’s very own King of the Blues. Covering the whole of the blues genre (and sometimes slightly beyond), the show features classic blues tunes from the 1920s through to the present day alongside unreleased and upcoming material from local and international artists/bands, plus Picks of the Month from the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association. Haff aims to inform, entertain and educate by providing insights, backgrounds and stories to enhance the music being played. Oh, and of course, the show is the home of “Crackly Blues” – the regular slot for pre-war blues. Catch up with Haff on Sunday from 5pm.

Rob Watson

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