Soar Sound Social Gain Principles

Soar Sound Social Gain Principles

Soar Sound CIC is dedicated to providing broadcast radio alongside other online and media services that operate not for private gain but for the principal benefit of the community. The vision of Soar Sound is to become a cornerstone for public education, wellbeing, mental health, economic development, and employment, through its diverse media services tailored specifically to the needs of the Leicester and Leicestershire communities.

The objects of Soar Sound Community Interest Company are to conduct activities that significantly benefit the community, especially focusing on (but not limited to) providing radio broadcast and media production services. These services aim to support the communities residing in Leicester and Leicestershire by emphasising public education, wellbeing, mental health, economic development, and employment opportunities.

Soar Sound is committed to supporting all services, projects, and activities that align with its not-for-profit objectives, utilising its radio service and other media platforms for the promotion of such initiatives, thereby fostering a robust and supportive community network.

Soar Sound radio is committed to serving the community of Leicester and Leicestershire, focusing on individuals over 25 years old who are impacted by or concerned with wellbeing issues. These issues range from physical disability and mental wellbeing challenges to social isolation and economic exclusion, often exacerbated by insufficient employment skills, lack of access to digital platforms, or educational attainment gaps.

The Key Commitments of Soar Sound radio, as determined with Ofcom, encompass:

1. Character of Service: Soar Radio aims to be a beacon of support and information for those dealing with wellbeing issues. The station’s content is tailored to foster a better understanding of these challenges, facilitating discussion, expression of opinion, and the provision of education or training to those outside the organisation’s employment.

2. Community Involvement and Management: An essential aspect of Soar Sound radio is its deep integration and accountability to the community it serves. Members of the target community contribute significantly to the operation and management of the service, ensuring that it remains closely aligned with the community’s needs and aspirations.

3. Objectives Fulfilment: The service is dedicated to achieving several critical objectives, including facilitating community discussion, providing educational opportunities, and enhancing the community’s understanding of itself. This involves strengthening community links through various programmes and initiatives that are inclusive and representative of the community’s diversity.

4. Service Accountability: Soar Sound radio places a high value on accountability, ensuring that mechanisms are in place for the service to be responsive and responsible to its target community. This includes regular engagement and feedback loops that allow for continuous improvement and alignment with community needs.

Through these Key Commitments, Soar Sound radio aims to not only provide a service but also to contribute positively to the community’s wellbeing, education, and overall development, making it a vital resource for Leicester and Leicestershire.

Rob Watson

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