Soar Sound at Riverside Festival 2024

Soar Sound at Riverside Festival 2024

The Leicester Riverside Festival, held on 1st and 2nd June 2024, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a vibrant array of activities that delighted both visitors and exhibitors. The event, which took place across Bede Park, Western Boulevard, Castle Gardens, the River Soar, and the De Montfort University campus, drew a significant crowd and garnered positive reactions from attendees.

Visitors praised the festival for its diverse offerings, which included colourful boat displays, dragon boat racing, live music, street food, and craft stalls. Many enjoyed the new additions this year, such as the outdoor cinema showcasing local creative content and the Heritage Hotspots, which provided insights into the historical transformation of the River Soar area. Families particularly appreciated the wide range of children’s activities, from arts and crafts to outdoor theatre and a funfair.

Exhibitors also reported positive feedback, noting the high footfall and engagement from the public. The market stalls featuring local, hand-crafted goods were a hit, and the Art on the River exhibit, displaying local artists’ works, received commendable attention. Food vendors and craft ale stalls enjoyed brisk business, with many visitors highlighting the quality and variety of offerings available

The Leicester Riverside Festival 2024 provided an exceptional opportunity for Soar Sound community radio volunteers to engage directly with their audience. Broadcasting live from the festival, Soar Sound featured interviews with attendees and regular programme presenters such as Michael Watson, Mandy Nuttall, Alex Samson, David ‘Gingar’ Brown, Chris Higgs, and Johnny Kershaw.

This live interaction enabled the volunteers to gain invaluable insights into the tastes and interests of their listeners, fostering a stronger connection with the community and enhancing the station’s ability to cater to local preferences and needs. The vibrant festival atmosphere and diverse activities offered a perfect backdrop for this immersive experience, highlighting the importance of community engagement in community radio broadcasting.

The Leicester Riverside Festival 2024 was a significant occasion for Soar Sound community radio volunteers, providing them with a unique platform to enhance their skills in presentation, community reporting, and event organisation. Broadcasting live from the festival, volunteers had the opportunity to engage directly with festival goers and present their shows in a dynamic, real-world environment.

This hands-on experience allowed them to refine their presentation techniques, improve their ability to report on community events, and gain practical knowledge in organising and managing live broadcasts. Additionally, the volunteers benefitted from full access to the festival’s diverse activities and vibrant atmosphere, which enriched their content and deepened their connection with the audience. This immersive experience was invaluable in developing their professional capabilities and strengthening Soar Sound’s role in the local community.

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