Soar Sound Mega Launch

Soar Sound Mega Launch

On Saturday, 25th May 2024, the British Troops Remembered Family Fun Day at Aylestone St James Rugby Club in Leicester served as the vibrant backdrop for the mega-launch of Soar Sound, LeicesterÔÇÖs new community radio station dedicated to local news, entertainment, and wellbeing. The event marked a significant milestone for the station, which is run and supported by a passionate team of volunteers.

The day was filled with festivities and community spirit, highlighted by the presence of Soar Sound presenter Alex Sampson, who, dressed in a colourful suit, played the role of the main host. Alex’s dynamic presence and enthusiasm were central to the day’s activities, as he engaged with attendees, made announcements, and brought a lively energy to the event.

The celebration featured a variety of activities, reflecting the station’s commitment to community engagement. One notable moment captured in the photos was the ceremonial cake cutting, symbolising the official launch of Soar Sound. With many thanks to Maria and Johnny. Volunteers and supporters, in their blue Soar Sound T-shirts, gathered around the cakes, smiling and enjoying the sense of camaraderie.

Another highlight was the parade, where Alex and other team members waved from an open-top jeep, energising the crowd and showcasing the collective effort behind the station’s launch. The event was not just about celebration, but also about showcasing the technical and operational side of running a community radio station. Photos from inside the broadcast setup revealed the meticulous work of volunteers managing the live broadcast, ensuring seamless coverage of the day’s events.

The family-friendly atmosphere was enriched with various attractions, including military-themed displays and inflatable structures, providing entertainment for attendees of all ages. The presence of the Armed Forces Memorial and the integration of community-focused activities underscored the station’s dedication to fostering local pride and engagement.

Overall, the launch of Soar Sound at the British Troops Remembered Family Fun Day was a resounding success, celebrating the power of community-driven media and the collective effort of volunteers. The event not only marked the beginning of a new local radio station but also strengthened the bonds within the Leicester community, promising a future of enriched local information and entertainment.

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