Soar Sound at the St George’s Day Festival – Saturday 20th April

Soar Sound at the St George’s Day Festival – Saturday 20th April

The St George’s Day event in Leicester for 2024 is moving to a new location in the city’s historic Old Town area, aiming to offer an expanded festival experience. Taking place on Saturday 20th April, the event seeks to celebrate the area’s rich history and heritage through a variety of participative activities. These include re-enactment events, a medieval-themed market, ale trails, and numerous free activities for children and young people.

One of the highlights of the St George’s Day event in Leicester will be the presence of Soar Sound, your new local radio station that is dedicated to bringing everyone in Leicester and Leicestershire the latest information, news and stories from the Soar Sound area.

We’ll be working with the Evington Echo to collect your stories and share them on air. Soar Sound will be broadcasting live from the festival, sharing messages about why Leicester’s heritage and history are important, and what we can learn from the historical stories of Leicester and the surrounding areas in Leicestershire.

Activities include traditional Morris dancing, maypole dancing, children’s magic shows, cinema screenings, storytelling, outdoor theatrical performances, historical reenactments, and guided tours. The festival aims to bring the Old Town of Leicester alive with history, heritage, and community engagement through various performances, crafts, and interactive experiences, highlighting Leicester’s rich cultural and historical tapestry.

Tune in to Soar Sound on DAB and online to hear fascinating insights and interviews with local experts, historians and performers. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover more about the rich culture and legacy of the Old Town and beyond.

Rob Watson

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  1. A good event much better moving from Orton sq we need to get a prade like st Paddy’s day get more pubs doing English food on day

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